Truck Bed Styles And Protective Coverings

The walls of a pickup bed may prevent cargo from spilling out onto a roadway, but these walls may not prevent items from shifting around while a vehicle is in motion. The design of a pickup bed and the lack of a floor covering could hinder one's ability to keep items stabilized while they are being transported. A truck bed mat is a product that can be used to protect the bed and secure cargo.

Truck Beds

Truck beds include box models, flat beds, and utility models. A box model will contain uniform walls that wrap around the bed. These walls will contain upper rails. A flat bed will lack walls and will consist solely of the base material that cargo will rest upon. A utility model will contain walls of varying shapes and sizes.

The side walls may dip inward or contain rounded humps. The truck's wheel wells may influence the overall design of a bed and the amount of storage space that an owner/operator is supplied with. Rounded metal may comprise the interior bed walls. 


Truck mats include rubber, vinyl, and waterproof fabric coverings. These mats may or may not contain a gripped surface that can be used to secure a covering to a bed. Some mats may contain a uniform texture. This type of mat will have straight edges. Some mats ae designed to be rolled and unrolled. This type of mat may contain a velcro closure or a button feature that will allow a mat to be stored when it isn't actively being used in a truck bed.

A heavier mat that will be used permanently may contain several layers of rubber or vinyl and a base attachment system. A mat that is going to be installed in a bed that contains uneven sidewalls may contain cutouts. The cutouts will be designed to fit the bed shape and size of a particular truck model.

If a cheap mat is going to be purchased and the product does not contain a custom design, a utility knife can be used to remove excess rubber, vinyl, or fabric that would interfere with installing the bed covering. A mat that contains grooves or another textured surface will hold materials in place while they are being transported. Cargo pieces that contain slick surfaces on their underside or that are contained within irregular packaging will not shift or tip over while they are being transported.

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